I grew up as an artist's daughter in the Fine Art enclave of Rockport, Massachusetts. I was privileged to have a very unique art education. My father, marine artist Richard Brooks, arranged for me to study with some of the best artists on Boston's North Shore, many of whom were willing to work privately with young people who showed promise. George Demetrios, master of life drawing and sculpture, infused me with enthusiasm, just as he had with my father before me. I was fortunate to study with painters Paul Strisik, Helen Van Wyk, Ruth Hagstrom, Tom Nicholas and Don Stone, all of whom lived in Rockport.

My family moved to Switzerland in the late 1960s and I happily absorbed the art history of Europe. The Art Institute of Boston gave me solid fundamentals. The Lyme Academy of Fine Art brought insights into the Connecticut School of Impressionism.

My art education continues, and I regard a successful creative life as an ever-evolving learning process. I have enjoyed many art workshops ....Favorites have been with Matt Smith, Ted Goerschner, Joe Abbrescia, Charles Sovek, Howard Carr, Bonnie Casey and Kevin Macpherson.

My travels take me to paint all over the American Southwest. I also enjoy the Connecticut River Valley and the New England seacoast, and I especially love yearly sojourns to Tuscany and Provence. My collectors are as widely diverse as my travels. Each year gets better...and the best is yet to come.

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