Private and semi-private painting lessons in my garden studio in Carefree.


“I needed a major jump-start. I hadn’t painted since college. Ginnie encouraged me to give painting a try and I was amazed to find that the talents I once had showed up again under her care. We were able to build on it together. I have a brand new interest!”
- Linda Jenner Cave Creek

“I began taking painting lessons as a quiet retreat from a very busy work schedule. My doctor actually suggested it. Not only have I become a better painter than I ever thought possible, I even hope to make this a new career when I retire. Ginnie has taught me to paint.”
- Martin Roop Cave Creek

“My grandma gave us painting lessons for Christmas. I wanted to paint a flowering cherry tree and a lady holding a parasol. My older sister painted a grizzly bear catching a fish. Miss Brooks found us pictures to work from and we were both very happy. My parents have our paintings hung up in our house.”
- Emmi Lou (8 years old)

“ very own Christmas card this year! Ginnie was very supportive of the vision I had for this card. She showed me how to take the subject and create something that is truly my own. I am so happy that my mother-in-law was looking for someone to share painting lessons with.”
-Jenna Nash Scottsdale

“New England is my blood and Ginnie has designed my lessons to include subjects that I really relate to. Lighthouses, lobster traps and sea-side gardens have been our subject matter. Because the lessons are so personalized we can paint exactly what is on my wish list. I love it.”
-Elayne Kitchen Phoenix

“I went home so inspired after my first lesson. I just can’t wait to continue!”
-Trish Williams Cave Creek