"If you continue to grow as an artist, your creative future is limitless."     

- Virginia Brooks

My Paintings

I often hear people say, “ Your painting makes me feel I was right there with you when you painted it.” I consider this the ultimate compliment. I move comfortably between the red rock scenery of the southwest to the vivid lavender fields of Provence. I also value the ability to evoke a mood of soft, serene calm.

Ginnie’s painting is like a little jewel in our house!
— Paulette (Collector - Commission)

Learn to Paint

My studio is colored with encouragement. Many people have a strong desire to try painting but have not discovered their own ability. That’s where I come in. My goal is to help potential painters learn about their own innate talents…expressing what they love and what they have learned in life.

Every time I leave her studio I feel renewed and inspired to keep painting.
— Linda (Student)

What people are saying...

I always feel exhilarated after one of Ginnie’s classes. She gently takes you from where you are to one or two steps further along your path. I am now willing to step out of my comfort zone.
— Isabel (Student)
Love in Oil. You can feel the vibrations of peace and serenity.
— Annette (Collector)
I am delighted with the painting you created for me. It is absolutely beautiful and your attention to detail is awesome! Thank you so much for your effort to perfectly understand my wishes. You are a very gifted artist!
— Barbara (Collector - Commission)
Ginnie’s own paintings are atmospheric works that invite me to gaze into them at length, to envision the story and how those possibilities may relate to my own reality.
— Isabel (Student)

My Blog

I love to share what I have learned during 45 years of painting in oils. How do you face a blank canvas? What do you need to know before you try painting en plein air? Are the expensive supplies worth the extra price? How do you turn a favorite photo into a successful composition? And my speciality is inspiration…how to get it and how to keep it.