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Private lessons are a wonderfully different way to learn. My business is called Come Paint With Me© because I paint along with my students.

Imagine the possibilities when you are painting side by side next to your instructor. No note taking...we learn by doing.  I place special importance on a personal style that may be emerging in your paintings. Yes, many beginners do have a style shining through even when they are just getting started. I help my painters to notice the abilities they already possess.

Most students finish an original oil painting after only two sessions!

Most students finish an original oil painting after only two sessions!

HOW IT WORKS: Private and Semi-Private Lessons

We choose a subject together and we begin, painting side by side.

You walk in the door and we get started. When you arrive at the studio I have readied a palette, paints and brushes for you. I have both long and short handled brushes for you to use. When our session is finished I do the cleanup. 

A session is two hours and it usually takes two sessions to complete an 11X14 painting with me. I only ask that you commit to coming twice so that you can go home with a finished painting.  What happens after that is up to you. There is no contract. You may wish to continue privately or find a partner to paint with. When you paint with someone else you share the cost of the lesson with your partner. Painting with the instructor working at the easel right next to you is a wonderful way to learn!


All Skill Levels - Learning by Doing

  • Beginner: In our two 2-hour sessions we cover choice of subject, blocking in a full color sketch and, during the second lesson, we complete the finished oil painting. I supply all the materials, including up to a 11X14 inch canvas. I highly recommend a 9X12 canvas if you are just getting started.

  • Advanced: I often work with more advanced students who want to learn something very specific, like how to paint snow or the anatomy of a horse. I supply all of the materials you need and up to a 11X14 canvas. If you wish to use a larger canvas or a special size you may bring a canvas with you. Or I can supply that special canvas at my personal cost.

  • Professional: Some of my students are looking for guidance as they transition to becoming professional artists. Breaking into the art business is a specialty of mine.


  • Private Lesson $115 for 2 hours

  • Semi-Private $70 per person for 2 hours

  • Ask about special event options including Studio Painting Parties for 3-4 students

  • Gift Certificates are available

Her love of painting and her encouragement are contagious. We do everything together, from choosing the subject, to doing the full-color sketch and finding the ways to simplify the challenges. It’s a wonderful painting experience.
— Linda (Student)
Ginnie has designed my lessons to include subjects that I really relate to. The lessons are so personalized we can paint exactly what is on my wish list. I love it!
— Elayne (Student)
Meeting Ginnie was a defining moment in my painting. Ginnie encourages while helping to develop our individual style. In her comfortable studio atmosphere there is no pressure, just the joy of expression along with the understanding of the craft.
— April (Student)
If you have a desire to pursue painting but don’t know where to begin, Ginnie is your destination! She will help you develop your skills and your style into remarkable results. If you’re looking for a fabulous teacher...look no further!
— JH (Student)
I always wanted to try oil painting. All supplies are included. She’s a warm and enthusiastic teacher and artist. I left with a finished oil painting after just two sessions.
— Barbara (Student)
Ginnie does not require a written contract for lessons. She believes painters will come back as long as they are learning and having fun...and I keep coming back.
— Nancy (Student)

HOW IT WORKS: Children & Teens

My younger students have a willingness to explore and play.

I give them the choice for subject matter, use of color, level of detail. When they aren’t told to paint within the lines the results are astounding.

Before We Start:

I suggest parents bring their children by the studio before our first lesson so we can get to know each other and they know what to expect when we paint together.

What to Expect:

Pricing is the same as adults. A one-hour lesson is $60. Gift Certificates are available.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch the lessons, but we let the child make that decision.

Yes, they do paint in oils, which is something they are very proud of. And they love to get their finished paintings framed.

I have experience teaching children as young as seven years old. An hour of painting seems to be the perfect amount of time for my younger students.


I set my teenage students up for success.

You have been there for me and supported me from the beginning, and I am so grateful for your friendship and guidance.
— Xandra (Student from age 11-18, attending Laguna College of Art and Design)
Thank you so much Ginnie, for all the wonderful conversations about art, music, literature and much more, and for the critical artistic skills you have given me! Your support and kindness mean so much to me.
— Krishna (Student, from 14-18)

HOW IT WORKS: Workshops

Learn as a group

We start with a theme like Spring Color, but each person chooses their own picture to work from. I create a supportive atmosphere where everyone can paint their personal interests. A variety of subject matters ensures that each painter can comfortably paint what works for them.

Ginnie’s workshops have an atmosphere of high energy, joyful risk taking and possibility. All of us work on something different so there is absolutely no sense of competition. It’s an incredible environment, packed with information but delivered with practicality and humor.
— Isabel (Student)

What to Expect:

All skill levels are welcome in my workshops, with 8-10 students in a larger studio facility. Everything is included and I supply up to a 11X14 canvas. Students are encouraged to bring photographs to paint, or select from the assortment I bring.

Everyone gets individual help and we also learn as a group. We work together as a class and I provide teachable advice that benefits the entire class throughout the day.

Typical Schedule:

  • 10am to 12pm - select subject matter and complete a full color sketch

  • 12pm to 1pm - lunch break while the sketch dries in the sun

  • 1pm to 3 or 4pm - we complete the paintings

  • I stay until everyone is happy

  • I do the cleanup!

Upcoming Events:

”Spring Color” - February 23rd in Carefree

Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of upcoming workshops or create a new workshop for your own group. (Some venues will require bringing your own easels. )

In Ginnie’s workshops she takes the time to find out what each student wants to accomplish. She then provides guidance, instruction and lots of encouragement.
— Terry (Student)
Ginnie has a great sense of humor and she shares wonderful stories about her life during her classes and especially about her journey as an artist.
— Terry (Student)

IMG_0819 copy.jpg

HOW IT WORKS: Painting Parties

Design your own studio painting party.

What better way to spend time with friends than to create together. Design a special morning or afternoon private event with friends. Up to five adults, in my studio. Contact me for pricing. You can bring whatever food and drinks you like.

For a special birthday treat, my friends and I took an afternoon painting class with Ginnie at her studio. I felt completely supported and unconstrained by my lack of experience. The class opened up a whole new world for me.
— Gail ( Studio Party)
We had a tailor-made Painting Party for four friends. What a day! You worked magic teaching all of us!
— Rita (Studio Party)